Thomas Patterson

Available For

  • Onboard HSE advisor/HSE QC representative.
  • Land HSE advisor/HSE QC representative.
  • Inspection of ships’ safety systems and equipment.
  • Advice on HSE management and work procedures.
  • Advice on crew management and operating systems.
  • Advice on seismic source and Back Deck safety and use of mechanical handling systems, high pressure air systems and cranes.
  • Consulting on Marine project risk management.
  • Auditing of marine contractor HSE Management Systems including ISM.
  • Behavioural safety expertise in coaching human performance.


  • Sea Experience: 22.5 years working in Marine Seismic operations; 17.5 years Seismograph ships (deep water), 5 years of the Marine experience was working in the transition zone. Worked as a Party Manager responsible for the effectiveness of the operation including profitability, Chief Observer, Chief Navigator, 5 years in processing Marine seismic data.

  • Shore Experience: 13.5 years; designed, developed and delivered Leadership, Risk Management, Continuous Improvement, HSE Management System, Marine Investigation, Behavioural Safety, Behavioural Safety Committee, Safety Intervention training plus specific topics – including creation of video training; Analysed and Audited our Behavioural process to continually improve; Project Management and Risk Management to meet or exceed client’s expectations.
  •  Further shore experience, worked as an HSE Advisor, auditor, investigator, trainer, coach on Land seismic operations in the Canadian Arctic, on heli-portable crews, on jungle operations in Peru (a crew of over 1000 people), in the desert of Oman and within the city of Houston.


  •  Bachelor of Science Communications.
  •  NEBOSH International Certificate.
  •  Certificated trainer for Taproot, Kelvin Topset and 5 Why’s process.
  •  ISO 14001 Lead Auditor and EFQM Internal Assessor.
  • Certified Performance consultant, training Manager/Director, Insttional Designer/Developer, Master trainer.


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