Our History

This is a short history of how we started the company and where are we now:


The beginning, and the cat logo

Poseidon Offshore (Safety and Health) Ltd was formed in 2007 by Captain Paul Burridge (plod). Paul initially worked on his own providing Health, Safety, Environmental and ISM advice, support and services to the Geophysical, renewable, offshore and shipping industries.

The company was named after the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, who was believed to control the safety and destiny of mariners.  Health and safety of the modern day is now entrusted to the HSE management system and its effective implementation by the crew. The company logo was based on the founder’s cats face, her name was also Poseidon.

In the first year Paul successfully completed projects for BP, Fugro, Wavefield, BGP and CGGV. These contracts were as Offshore HSE Advisor, HSE Client Rep, SMS Auditor and IMCA Auditor.

Consultants increase to 14

With enough work to keep him busy for the first year and further requests from clients coming in, Paul decided to bring in some associate consultants to work with him and expand the business. Paul was keen to keep standards as high as possible to ensure that the good reputation he had built up remained. Paul carefully chose his associate consultants using a rigorous recruitment and mentoring process which is still used today. The number of consultants increased to 14 during this period and Poseidon successfully completed work for BP, CGGV, Seabird Exploration, EMU and Fugro. Poseidon became a member of IECO and IAGC as well as using the trade shows and exhibitions to market the company (in particular the annual EAGE exhibition).


Building Relationships

During this period Poseidon continued to build relationships with BP, CGG, Dolphin Geophysical and Seabird Exploration.  In some cases not just providing stand alone consultants, but teams of consultants to support Multi Vessel seismic projects. Now with a reputation to aiding safe completion of complex offshore projects Poseidon has become the consultancy of choice for quality HSE consultants with extensive seismic knowledge.

To balance the increasing administrative side of the business Pauls wife, Diane Burridge, left her profession as a nurse and took up the position of Bureau Manager on a full time basis to support our clients and consultants in the field. During this period Poseidon became quality certified under ISO 9001 and HSE certified under OHSAS 18001; we continue to maintain these standards today.

Moved to Hereford

Now established as the only dedicated HSE consultancy servicing the seismic industry, Poseidon completed projects with BP, Bibby Offshore, CGG, Dolphin Geophysical, Geoguide, SMS, HESS, Seabed Geosolutions and Searcher Seismic.

In January 2012 Poseidon moved to larger premises in Hereford to support the ongoing expansion of the business. This has enabled us to increase the size of the administration team to support our field operations and ongoing internal projects. In 2013, following feedback from clients, the company completed a re-branding exercise changing the logo to the Trident with rings that we continue to use today.

We are still keeping the cat as our company mascot.


2014 and onwards

We continue to grow…

We are developing bespoke business management software that will systemise the office processes and procedures to include accounts, sales, consultant management and job management as well as underpinning our ISO9000 and OSHAS 18001 certifications.

Poseidon will continue to promote itself through trade shows, recommendation and advertising – look out for our stand at the annual EAGE exhibition.

We will continue to recruit only the very best consultants within the industry with the aim of increasing our market share and the number of clients we work with.

Our main objective is always to promote safe operations through good HSE awareness and practice by all who we work with.