Our Ethos

In all the aspects of our operations we shall always conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and respect for ourselves and for those around us. Whether it is dealing with our clients during contract negotiations or speaking with the men in the workplace we will never deviate from these basic tenets.

Working Together

Working closely with our clients, contractors and all other stakeholders for the benefit of the safety and efficiency of the operation always generates the best atmosphere and environment. Achieving ownership and “buy in” from all levels is key to a good safety culture.

Manage Your Risks

Focussing on a Risk based approach to hazard handling delivers the most cost effective and time efficient operations in Health and Safety applications. Risks are controlled and managed sufficient to deliver safe operations, but not with excessive cost or over management with consequent waste of resources.

Safe Operations

The extensive Marine, Seismic and Engineering knowledge borne by our consultants ensure that they are able to view many operations with a professional eye and respect the evolutions at hand. This also ensures they have the understanding to know when things are not going to plan. They will not hesitate to intervene in unsafe situations, but when to intervene safely is also of paramount importance.

Achieve Your Objectives

Our clients objectives are our objectives. No harm to people, no damage to equipment, and no undue impact upon the natural environment. No adventure is fully successful without satisfying these criteria above all else. This is the only way to carry out socially responsible and acceptable worldwide operations.

All of our services are supported by our office support team who can provide you with the complete administrative service where we will arrange visa’s, flights, transport and accommodation for our consultant(s) or you may decide to arrange some or all of this yourselves. Either way our team is here to support you.