Our Clients

“Thank you, you have done a fantastic job of everything on this scope of work, it is refreshing to work with a true professional who is dedicated to his work. I look forward to working with you again in the very near future.”

EHS Lead for an Oil Major

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your hard work and efforts on board the Symphony. I know the PM, Jake and Arnaud have been pleased with what they have seen, as have I…….. I tried to keep you for another trip but Anne said she wanted you back!”

Vessel Manager for a Contractor

“Congrats and damn fine job……..just left the close out meeting and HSE was a VERY positive focus. Appreciate your efforts!”

Regional Marine HSE Manager for a Contractor

“I have just had a meeting with the crewing department and they have given me very good feedback on their interaction with your agency. I thought you should know they are happy with the proactive approach you have shown.”

QHSE Manager for a Contractor

“Congratulations to your team for completing this difficult and extensive work in difficult sea conditions safely. The planning and preparation for this work really helped to deliver excellent performance and the transfer of learning’s from last year to this year’s activity was a key success factor. Thank you for also allowing our S&OR team including our Health and Safety, Environmental and Crisis management teams to work as one team with the seismic acquisition team as the outcomes from working together have been tremendous. Again thanks for your leadership in making this happen as well as it did.”

Vice-President Safety & Operational Risk Oil Major

“I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you both for the QHSE performance of during the seismic survey. This is the feedback from the client; QUOTE – “The QHSE support and staff was excellent. Some of the best in the industry I have dealt with. They truly showed commitment to the project and keeping everyone safe.” UNQUOTE. Again, thank you for the commitment, leading by example, promoting the company’s HSE MS and personal high HSE standards…”

Vessel Manager for a Contractor

“For me I can thank your consultant, he is a pleasure to work with and a credit to himself with his work ethics.”

Vessel Manager for a Contractor

“Have a long history of experience and nothing but solid results towards the continual improvement process that is, or in reality I should say SHOULD be, the primary purpose of the audit process…no doubt about that fact with POSH…Have used both CMID and OVID depending on situation and requirements and must speak to the great benefit provided by the experience of the Auditors involved….Highly recommend!”

Regional Marine HSE Manager for a Contractor

“When I have been a repeat client of POSH’s previously they have always provided excellent quality people and performed top quality IMCA CMID or OCIMF OVIQ inspection reports. In addition they know seismic vessels and so cover the mission specific systems also in many cases.”

Chairman of a HSSE Committee

“Definitely a preferred provider and solid member of the team with the quality of support and resources offerred over the years. You will not be disappointed, and more importantly neither will your teams that benefit from the personnel that arrive. Skill sets are solid, certifications are of high and consistent quality and personalities are what it takes to get the job done!”

Regional Marine HSE Manager for a Contractor